Prenatal Care To Start Your Journey Off Right

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Initial Visit

At your first visit after you have a positive home pregnancy test, we’ll confirm your pregnancy. After that, we'll conduct an exam and some tests, determine your due date and much more.

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Ongoing Prenatal Care

With regular appointments, testing and a readiness to answer all your questions, your provider will make sure you and your child have the best health outcomes.

Fetal ultrasound screen


We’ll use ultrasound to assess the baby’s growth and health, and confirm how far along you are. And of course, we’ll let you know if you’re having a boy or girl, if you want to know ahead of time.

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3D/4D Ultrasound

Would you like a special keepsake showing your child in the womb? We offer this unique, elective service to our patients in their 27th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. Sessions take place on Fridays and last 20-25 minutes. You’ll receive a beautiful fetal portrait as a memento. Payment required is a $100 non-refundable deposit and $75 due the time of your session.

We look forward to giving your family this special keepsake!

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Non-invasive prenatal testing (early fetal sex determination)

Speaking of knowing the gender ahead of time, another method of determining your baby’s sex is NIPS or Noninvasive prenatal screening. This blood test identifies samples of your child’s DNA that are present in your own bloodstream. As a result, your provider can determine the sex, and more importantly, identify any genetic abnormalities. She’ll discuss the results with you in detail.

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First Trimester Screen

This test, which uses blood test results and ultrasound, will evaluate the risk of certain birth defects.

As long as women have had the joy and privilege of bringing new life into the world, every woman has needed a trusted guide to help them on their pregnancy journey. The right guide turns fear and doubt into knowledge and confidence. Our providers have delivered hundreds of children. They know exactly how to meet your needs from the first positive test to birth and beyond.

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As your pregnancy progresses, your provider will discuss with you what kind of birthing experience you want to have, and help you and your loved ones prepare for the big day. Most importantly, when the time comes and you bring your little one into the world, you’ll have an experienced expert with you through every contraction and push.


Post-partum Appointments

Six weeks after your baby is born, you’ll see your provider to go over your health post-pregnancy. Consequently, it's a great time to address any concerns or questions you have. Your provider will make sure nursing and care of your baby are going well, and your body and mind are healthy for the next stage of your journey. She’ll also discuss birth control with you so you can choose your best options going forward.

Lastly, we’ll finish up by making your annual well woman appointment.


Care For Women, By Women

Even if you’ve been on the journey to motherhood a number of times, there’s always stress and uncertainty. There’s no substitute for having a woman who has been there stand with you. Add to that our relaxing surroundings, convenient patient portal and the focus on you a small practice provides, and you’ll know you’re headed down the right path in the right way.

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